Friday, May 20, 2011

getting ready

The friday night before i leave on monday evening.  for now, bob marley is keeping me sane as i try to ignore the layers of notes and scribbles on my desk that should tell me what i need to do or have done or never mind dont do but note anyway.  instead, i compile 20 some-odd notes onto one 8-1/2 x11" page of a larger notebook that i put aside as i ponder what to do next.

a silent yankee/met game off to the side that i could care less about.  i should be doing something important.  oh! game over. yanks lose.  ho-hum.  much to do i think, or am i just rewriting what i need to be reminded of  instead of doing what im writing about?  happily, i dont feel weighted down or anxious.  yet.

ok. 4 hours later im making progress.  this, i suppose, will be the pace and place of where im calling from.  

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